How your support helps

What your money could provide

  • £15 could provide a home starter pack for a young person setting up their first home
  • £50 could buy a new suit for a young person unable to afford smart clothes to attend job interviews
  • £100 could refurbish a communal area in a foyer.

East Potential is East Thames’ fundraising arm. We’re fundraising for extra services and assistance to people who need our help to get back into work, to live independently, or to participate in the local community.

Here are our three main programmes:

Better together

Combating isolation

Residents who are disabled, elderly or living with mental health problems can feel extremely isolated and struggle to connect with their local communities because of lack of confidence, skills and resources.

We want to help residents in our care and support schemes to make new friends and connections. This project helps our residents to get out and about to have fun, learn new skills, make new friends and play an important part in their local communities through volunteering.

Home is where the heart is

New home starter packs

Starting up in a new home is very expensive and many of our residents struggle to afford some of the basics that most people take for granted. This can be especially hard for families on low incomes, homeless young people moving out of our foyers and families fleeing domestic violence who often very suddenly have to leave their belongings behind.

This project supplies new home starter packs including crockery, cutlery, kitchenware, bedding, towels and soft furnishings. These home starter packs are provided to us at cost price by John Lewis.

New beginnings

To help job seekers

We’re really proud of our programmes that help our residents to find work. Many of the participants have experienced real hardship, having been unemployed for months or even years. Starting a new job or accredited course is a real boost to their confidence and self-esteem. We want to celebrate this by helping them make the best possible new start.

As well as helping with the costs of job searching, we help our residents buy the essentials they need to start work or a training course, such as a new suit, equipment, shoes, smart clothes or a travel card for their first week at work.

Other projects

Sometimes the money we raise goes towards other projects that benefit our residents and the local community.                                        

Money raised through last year’s partnership with John Lewis Stratford City, for example, is funding an Olympics-inspired sports project which encourages disadvantaged young people in east London and Essex to try new sports and get active.

All fundraisers can choose to donate money to an East Thames project close to their hearts. For example, if you have a friend or relative in one of our care and support schemes, you might want to fundraise for them. This money will be carefully allocated to a project which can provide extra support for the members of the scheme.