Your neighbourhood

Your neighbourhood

Having a great neighbourhood to live in is important, and takes a lot of hard work from everyone.

Neighbourhood managers look after our estates across east London and Essex. They are responsible for any issues relating to your tenancy. They are also responsible for estate inspections and continuous improvements to your estate.

Getting our residents involved is important to us too

Resident involvement has always been important to us at East Thames. It’s important because we want to make sure our residents are happy with the services we provide and the way we work. By involving you in the decisions we make, you get to have your say and help shape the way we work, while we learn how to improve our services and work more effectively.

Our vision for resident involvement is that by 2015 we will have put residents at the heart of our business, engaging them meaningfully so they drive local and strategic improvement in our housing services.

Found out how you get involved here.