Standards and complaints

Customer Promises

Our promises, your services

We want to give you high quality services that meet your needs. So we monitor our services all the time – always looking for ways to improve and set new standards. And we like to involve you as much as we can, both in setting the standards and checking our performance.

About our promises

Our promises show you what you can expect from us and the services we provide. We agreed them with our Residents Advisory Group, our Tenants Improvement Group and the East Living Customer Panel. But before we did that, we listened to your suggestions and explored your ideas – so we knew what you wanted from us.

Our customer promises cover a range of our services and what you can expect from us.

Download the customer promises fact sheet (573KB PDF)

These promises include how we behave towards our customers, the way we deal with your calls, letters and visits to our offices. It outlines what you can expect when we make appointments with you, when you move in to your new home, making improvements to your home and information about your rent and service charges. We also want to keep you involved and up to date. Finally we tell you how we go about handling complaints and tackling anti-social behaviour.