Repairs and maintenance

Our repairs service

Our repairs and maintenance service is now delivered by our partner Interserve. Interserve is responsible for:

  • Day to day repairs to your home and communal areas
  • Cyclical maintenance and planned works such as redecorating the outside of your home
  • Annual gas servicing
  • Gardening and cleaning of communal areas

We have chosen Interserve as our repairs and maintenance partner because we know they will work with us to deliver an improved service. Using just one organisation for all our repairs, maintenance and estate services will bring a more co-ordinated approach. Interserve is also taking a proactive approach to keeping your home in good condition, via planned programmes of maintenance and property MOTs. This means that, as much as possible, Interserve will spot problems before they arise so you need fewer repairs in the long run. They are also running a dedicated repairs call centre, so when you call to report a repair, you’ll get the help you need. 

Our repairs categories

As not all repairs are the same, we need to make sure we prioritise the most urgent repairs in order to ensure residents' safety. We have three repairs categories for reactive repairs - emergency, urgent and routine - and we have standards for how quickly we will complete each of these types of repairs.

Regardless of the category of the repair, we aim to complete the repair right the first time.

  • We aim to respond to emergency repairs within 24 hours (as quickly as possible). An emergency is when there is a problem which puts a person or property in danger. If there is a fire or explosion, contact emergency services on 999 straight away.
  • If your repair is urgent, we aim to complete your repair in five calendar days. This includes things such as, a blocked toilet or no hot water.
  • If your repair doesn’t present a danger to you or the home, we’ll complete this within 21 working days. This includes things such as, plastering repairs and some communal repairs.