Neighbourhood management

Meighbourhood Management

Neighbourhood managers look after our estates across east London and Essex. They are responsible for any issues relating to your tenancy. They are also responsible for estate inspections and continuous improvements to your estate.

Here are some of the things they do:

  • Visit new tenants when they first move in
  • Inspect estates to monitor the cleaning and ground maintenance services
  • Identify and report repairs to communal areas
  • Respond to reports of anti-social behaviour
  • Consult with residents about estate improvements
  • Organise community activities/events
  • Deal with complaints
  • Ensure that residents are meeting the conditions of their tenancy
  • Provide support for vulnerable residents
  • Work closely with local authorities and safer neighbourhood teams to respond to issues affecting the local area
  • Help residents form residents associations or consultation forums

You can contact your neighbourhood manager directly by phone or email to arrange a meeting or to discuss any issues you might have.  You can find your local neighbourhood manager here:

For all enquiries, contact the Neighbourhood Management Team:
Phone: 0300 303 7333 (9am-5pm)

Estate cleaning and grounds maintenance inspections

Your Neighbourhood Management Team are also responsible for inspections on your estate to check the quality of cleaning and grounds maintenance services.

These inspections look at the condition of the entire estate and its surrounding areas including: gardens, communal areas, external and internal cleanliness of the buildings, car parks, outstanding repairs and resident involvement. We have a page dedicated to guiding you through our estate inspection process.

As much as possible we like to include residents in these inspections - that way we can find out your views and the improvements you'd like to make. All inspectors are trained in what to look out for. Once an estate or scheme has been inspected it is then awarded either Gold, Silver, Bronze or Unclassified status.

You can find out how your estate did in the latest inspection results here.


If you want to keep a pet in your home, you must make sure you get written permission from East Thames first. Fill in this pet permission form and give it to you neighbourhood manager.