Helping young people avoid homelessness

We offer specialist accommodation and support through our foyer programme. Our foyers provide accommodation for young people aged 16-24 at risk of being homeless. But they're more than a place to stay; they also help young people get back into education or employment and help them address the underlying problems they have. Our foyer residents stay for between six months and two years and the aim is that we help them move on to independent living or back with their family.

Find out more about what it's like in one of our foyers by taking a look inside Barking Foyer (video)

Helping young people get back on track

We work with young people who've had difficult upbringings, who might have had problems with difficult behaviour and/or alcohol and substance misuse.

The programme is all about getting these young people back on track and helping them to turn their lives around. For every four young people that come through our foyer services, three will successfully achieve the goals in their support plan leaving with employment, qualifications and general life skills. Many others are helped to be reconciled with their families.