Anti-social behaviour (ASB)

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

Our residents should be able to enjoy their homes in peace and feel completely safe and secure. We expect all our residents to behave in a respectful and courteous way towards their neighbours. We take any reports of anti-social behaviour very seriously and will do what we can to address unacceptable behaviour.

Reporting ASB

If you are under immediate threat call 999 and ask for the police.

If you are not under immediate threat but want to report a crime, call your local police or safer neighbourhood team.  For all other types of ASB or to voice your concerns please contact East Thames for immediate support.
Phone: 0300 300 7333

You can find more information on dealing with ASB by downloading our ASB fact sheet (487KB PDF).

What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is when someone acts in a way that causes nuisance, alarm, distress, harm or harassment to someone else outside their household. ASB is a source of distress to many people and can seriously affect the quality of life for both an individual and the community in general. It can be:

  • noisy or nuisance neighbours;
  • verbal or physical harassment;
  • crime and disorder; or
  • abandoned vehicles, fly tipping, graffiti etc.

How we deal with anti-social behaviour?

Your ASB report will be dealt with by your neighbourhood manager or an investigating officer who will talk to you about the problems you are experiencing and agree an action plan with you. They will provide you with regular updates.

All reports of anti-social behaviour are treated confidentially. The most frequent reports we receive are about noise nuisance. Many of them can be described as domestic or lifestyle noise, e.g. slamming doors, shouting, dogs barking, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, DIY activities, loud music or televisions and vehicle noise. Often those making the noise are not aware they are causing disturbance to fellow residents.

It is vital that you attempt to deal with ASB as soon as it starts. If you tackle it early, you can often resolve the issue promptly; leaving it could mean it becomes worse and is more difficult to resolve.

How can we help?

We are determined to address unacceptable behaviour and will work with organisations such as the council, police and other partners and agencies to develop and deliver solutions to reduce anti-social behaviour.

Sometimes we’ll attempt to mend relations between neighbours or try mediation services. In other cases we’ll work with the police or other agencies to target persistent problems. In the past we have also used acceptable behaviour contracts to try and improve individuals' behaviour. In the most serious cases we have taken legal action and evicted those people guilty of ASB.